Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh Well-A-Watcha-Gonna Do

Gerry Granahan

Oh Well-A-Watcha-Gonna Do

Mark Records


This is perhaps his best rocker. Written by Jack Hammer, the song was previously recorded by Harry Douglass and the Deep River Boys (RCA 47-7195, Billboard March 24, 1958). You can hear the RCA version HERE.

The Granahan story is told by various websites. I've tried to resume his story but the various sources are showing a lot of discrepancies. there is no mention of his (first?) record on Eldorado Records in 1956, a label owned by Buchanan and Goodman. The Eldorado record is only mentionned by Terry Gordon on his Rockin' Country Style, but no flipside is shown and no label scan found.

When the Mark record was released (April or May 58), Gerry Granahan had already records out on Atco Records (as Jerry Grant) and, as a member of Dicky Doo and the Don'ts, on Swan Records, one of the first release on the label.



  1. Nice Jiver . The Eldorado 45 is listed in B'J's Guide but no flip given as 1956 & $25 mint but remember this is now a old guide & the auctions on the internet have pushed prices up.

  2. If im not mistaken,i think this was a sister label to the stentor label....?

  3. Not a sister label but there is a relation :

    the owner of Mark Records had also a pressing plant where Stentor Records had their records pressed.