Monday, March 12, 2012

Look What You Do To Me

Stick Evans and his Orchestra

"You're The One"

"Look What You Do To Me"

Uncredited vocalist
(perhaps Stick Evans, but I doubt)

Soul Records 100/101
1587 Broadway N.Y. 36, N.Y.

Samie « Sticks » Evans (1923-1994)

Evans was a drummer whose touring and recording career began in 1942 and continued through 1990. He was a skilled practitioner of the entire range of orchestral percussion instruments including timpani and vibraphone. He played drums on hundreds of New-York sessions (Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, Sammy Davis, Jr., Bill Haley's Comets etc.)

He wrote two instruction books, «Teacher’s Rhythm Guide for Better Musicianship » and « Applied Techniques for the Modern Dance Drummer. »

He composed music for the films « Still A Brother » and « Little Fifi, » and was musical director of productions of « Simply Heavenly » and « You Gotta Begin Somewhere. »

He was also a skilled music teacher who passed along his skills to one and all, high and mighty, big and little. Evans taught junior high school music classes. (Eugene Chadourne)

A Silver Burdett Records (educational) album issued in 1974 has a Sticks Evans track (The Drummer). It's on YouTube HERE


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  1. Collector (Holland) CD - SLCD 1170 " Smoking The Black Rhythm Rock" has both sides thanks for solving another mystery