Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bony Moronie

Miss Nikki and The No Names

Bony Moronie

Infinity Records

Produced by Bobby Bare


Nikki (Sullivan) was inducted in the Iowa Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame in 2001. :

Nikki and the No Names originated from Roosevelt - Jefferson High School(s) in Cedar Rapids. Nikki grew up in Cedar Rapids and started in music at Keeney Guitar Studio, where she took lessons on the Hawaiian Steel Guitar for 5 years from age 9 - 14.

A school friend and her began playing guitars together about the time "Bye-Bye Love" and the Everly Bros. started. She traded her double neck Fender steel for the electric Fender. Then they began playing Everly Bros. music in local private clubs. She toured with the concert choir and studied Music Appreciation the last 3 years of high schooland picked up a few tips on playing lead from local musicians in the area, and from listening to the 45's.

She taught guitar at Hiltbrunner's music for a short time and worked at Hiltbrunner's in sales, after high school, which was where she was working when contacted by sax man, Don Poe from Charles City to go on the road. He had been contacted by an agent in Minneapolis and was putting together a road group to tour.

Eventually Nikki Sullivan-Zimmerman settled in California where she worked with Li'L Bit Country, then Nite Life for several years and finally the County Hoedowners.


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