Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jump and Shout

Billy and the Fabulous Echoes

Jump and Shout
(Adkins, Ford; Lyn Lou BMI)

Clearpool Records
P.O. Box 27027

Clearpool Records was probably named after a popular Memphis fifties spot. (In those days, most Memphis restaurant kitchens closed at 10 p.m., so going "out to Clearpool to grab a bite" became very popular with the late-night crowds. The Garavelli family had built the entertainment complex, which included the circular Clearpool swimming pool.)

Dennis Turner, then vocalist of Bill Black Combo, had a single on the label as had Marlon Grisham of Ain't That A Dilly fame. The label was likely owned by Bill Black. [Lyn-Lou was his publising company]

Billy and the Fabulous Echoes had another record, "Road Runner" [original release unknown] compiled on the Collector CD 4486, and also compiled on Collector CD 4521 as by Billy Adkinson.

On Billy [Adkins.] or Billy Adkinson or on the Fabulous Echoes, I can't find any information.

Today, the Memphis postal box correspond to "Project Single Moms Worldwide, Inc."



  1. A nice song, reminds me a bit of the early Beatles!

  2. Road Runner = Van (TX) 45 - 1001 Not sure of year

  3. A Billy (Echo) Adkinson had 2 45rpm on Gala :

    (1959) Billy (Echo) Adkinson - Gala (Ga) 45 - 102 Sugar Lump / Sweet As She can Be

    (1960) Billy Adkinson - Gala (Ga) 45 - 112 Rock-A-Mo- Part I / Rock-A-Mo Part II

    is it same person?

  4. The BMI songwriting credits for the flip of this, "Just Love Me Right" are for Billy Adkin (who shows up only writing these two sides), James Davis or JC Davis who was the original tenor sax player for the Famous Flames and Ray Ford who shows up as Raymond F Scrivner on cross reference who wrote Hush Puppies and "Grits and Gravy Blues", more of a hillbilly guy. I think something is screwed up there or it all fits together in some weird and wonderful way.

    Great side thanks!

  5. Thanks Bruce.

    I've searched, like you, the BMI database, but I rejected the songwriters info because I've found highly improbable a Raymond Scrivner involvment in the Clearpool release.

    The BMI database is not quite reliable. That's one more proof!

    One Davis and one Ford wrote the song. That's all we can say for now, I'm afraid...

    1. Thanks Bob, it was too strange to be true. I did find a BIll Black connection in some other songwriting credits twice removed and three screens from the original credits. Always fun to see where this stuff leads and I certainly appreciate you including so much info in your posts.

  6. Clearpool 102 was by Big Jim Edwards, possibly the same Big Jim Edwards who became a famous DJ in the late 1960s...his real name was James K. Davis. So the sax player, Big Jim Edwards on Clearpool and the DJ are likely the same person?

  7. visit Mellow here for more on Clearpool http://hillbillycountry.blogspot.co.uk