Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lover’s Quarrel

Susy Starr

Lover’s Quarrel

S.Starr- J. Douglas, Morgil ASCAP

Produced by Mort Gilbert, Arr. by Joe Hintz

Morgil Records

1674 Broadway, New York, N.Y.


This is a bad record. I can't see why this blog should be doomed to quality records !
This song is available on some Teenage/Girl CD compilations. All spells her first name Suzy. Probably her only record (thanks God!).

Susy label mate's Bobby Reno had at least two releases on the tiny Morgil label. Probably not the New-Orleans artist on Pitassy Records or on the Track label. (but who knows ?).

Label owner Mort Gilbert had a lucky break and a fast start in 1951. He was then 26, a New-York piano student who composed a melody, took it to Decca Records and was assigned a staff lyric-writer. Together, they produced a hit, "Really and Truly in Love." (Larry Fotine Orch. Decca 24583). He wrote songs with Gladys Shelley (1911-2003), lyricist and composer who married Irving Rosenthal, the owner of New Jersey's Palisades Amusement Park.

Flip is "One Day". If you think that it just can't get any worse, you are wrong. If I receive enough requests for it, I may add a link.



  1. Post the flip. I've got a bad cold maybe something worse will make the cold seem a little better. I saw a picture of Mort, he looks like a nice guy. I tried to run down Susy, as I'm sure you did, to no avail. I'd guess it was a stage name, but I see they give her a writing credit and there is a number of Susy Starr's out there so who knows.

  2. Here it is (hope this will cure your ill, Bruce):

  3. I think the flip side is a lot better than side 1 !!!

  4. Can't understand why it did not top the charts! The Ivy league crowd must have gone wild hearing this.

  5. Thanks for the flip Bob. I still have the cold, but it doesn't seem that bad anymore.

  6. I think the Lover's Quarrel side is listenable (what a weird word) and i might add that my copy has the spelling SUZY :)

    Take care /Tommy

  7. Please post the flip side of this train wreck...why keep ALL the bad songs to yourself when you can torture millions,lol!