Friday, October 12, 2012

Johnny Cale Quintette (Chan 860)

Johnny Cale Quintette

Both wr. Cale,  Westwall BMI
Chan Records 


Blues vocal number b/w bluesy instrumental

Born John Weldon Cale (better known now as "J. J.," Cale)  on December 5, 1938, in Oklahoma City but raised in Tulsa, Cale played in a number of rock and roll bands and Western swing groups, moved to Nashville, and moved back to Tulsa before reconnecting with Leon Russell. The two young musicians moved to Los Angeles in 1964.

Chan Records was owned by Lloyd Linville, former Southern Regional head of United Artist Records and Bobby Boyd.

This is the first release on the label, pressed by King Records of Cincinnati and it's in the Starday Custom Series.

Link : Chan Records page at the Rockin' Country Style website.


  1. My group, The Squires from Chattanooga, TN, was on Chan records. Lloyd Linville's partner owned a record distributing company in Oklahoma City, OK.
    We released two records with Chan, both in 1961. There was also a group from Chattanooga called "The Cupids" that released one on Chan called "Troubles Not At End" backed by "I Don't Know". It was also released in 1961 or early 1962.
    Chan used a white label for DJ copies and a red label with black lettering for commercial release.

  2. Excellent blog, thank you very much for this help and promotion to Rockin,greetings form Catalonia.
    Friendship 100% R&R
    Dj Eddie-Cesc