Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ronny Johnson on Sunset

With Curly Fagan’s Band And The Flickers

J08W-1717 - If A Dream Means Anything

J08W-1718 - Rainbow Of Love 



Ronny had a second release on the same label in 1960  :  My Everything  / Midnight Moon  (Sunset 101). 

Curly Fagan (Clark Fagan) was a long-time performer with Rebe and Rabe at WVOK, Birmingham, Ala., likely the home of this Sunset label.   The backing vocal group (the Flickers) is likely the Henry Strzelecki's group who was the following year  on Lee Records in Memphis (as by the Four Flickers).

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  1. Ronny Johnson was my father and was a great man and singer. He past away Sept. 3, 2009. Ronny (my dad) was roommates with Pat Boone at David Lipscomb College. They both recorded records and the rest is history. My father was a devout Christian and wanted to be a minister and made the decision not to continue to pursue a music with his friend Pat Boone. They did both go to California and to Pepperdine University but my father came back to Alabama to be a minister for 50 years and be a college professor while Pat became a star. My father realized that it was extremely difficult to be a star and a Christian at the same time and chose wisely. Thank you for this website and sharing my father's music with the world. Greg