Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sweet Little Sixteen

 Rufus Brown

Gateway Records

Cover of Chuck Berry biggest hit

Old Chuck with young girl

According to Maxwell Demon :

"During a show at the Ottawa Coliseum Berry saw a little German girl, seven or eight years old, pursuing singers for their autographs to add to her ‘wallet full of pictures’, seemingly more interested in the trophy than in the music being performed. The idea for one of his most successful songs was born, although the girl who provided inspiration was a little too young for his taste, she became ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’.

Early in December 1957 Berry laid down a demo of the song, perfectly capturing the excitement of its teenage heroine and is another striking demonstration of Berry’s ability to think himself into the mind of someone half his age. When released in February ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’ proved Berry’s biggest hit to date."

Note 1 : Chuck Berry is well known to think (or else) himself  into the mind (or else) of someone (female, preferably) half his age.

Note 2 : there IS a website named Chuck Berry - Mr. Rock'n'Roll, dedicated to the memory of... Bo Diddley (?!?). This site has detailed tour information for several artists, including Chuck Berry : he played the Auditorium Arena  in Ottawa, Ontario on November, 18, 1957.

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