Sunday, October 13, 2013

East L.A.

Solid Jackson

(John Orvis)

A Free-Sac-Andrews Production

Candix 308


Bob Arlin's version on Olympia Records is probably best known and was a minor hit around San Bernardino and San Francisco.  The two versions were released about the same time (late November/early December 1960). 

Singer Solid Jackson is totally unknown.  Probably not the Solid Jackson on Nucraft (1952) found HERE.

Song writer John Orvis (1936-2001) is slightly better known :
Blues, r&r guitar player and vocalist, first record with Sessionaires,
"Boogie Boo" released in early 1950s.  Also recorded as Johnny Wilde on
Coronet label, played with local blues talent that morphed into Canned
Heat into the 1960s.  Member of Galopping Gooses Motorcyle Club, wrote
"East L.A.," recorded by Bob Arlin.  Also member of Smoke (Uni), John
Orivs Blues Band.  Wrote various songs, lived in Ojai since 1971, known
as "The Original Ojai Blues Man."

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