Friday, October 25, 2013

I'll Be There

Johnny and Barb

Lene-Zeigler, Lud Music Corp. BMI



This is Johnny Arvin Zeigler and Barbara Butsch.  Johnny and Barbara had been both members of the Ohio Epsilon Chapter at the University of Cincinnati in the early fifties. In 1957, as members of a vocal quartet named Invitations they recorded "Love Song To My Girl, / Next Date" (Bobby Records, 1957). 

As Johnny Arvin, Johnny A. Zeigler recorded  "Statues And Baby Shoes" / "Just Looking At You" for Podge Records  in 1958. 

As Johnnie Arvin, he also recorded some covers of hits of the day (such as "White Sport Coat" )  for Big 4 Hits, one offshoot budget label of Rite Records and wrote most of the songs issued on a Design Records LP by a Calypso night club act named King Streak and the Four Princes (Design Records #33, also issued on Gateway Records in a 3-EP series)

Co-writer of "I'll Be There" is Will Lene (or Lenay), one of Cincinnati’s top platter spinners (and also owner of 70% of the Lud Music Corporation.  

Hey copyright holder(s)!  There is some money due to you [ $182.89 exactly ], according to the National Unclaimed Money Database.

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