Monday, October 28, 2013

Let’s Get Acquainted

The Coronados

  Ray Stanley, Simon House Inc. BMI

Vik Records


Anita, Rubin and Steven Ortiz (The Coronados), a sister and brothers group from New Mexico, had a TV show circa 1950 called "The Ortiz Trio Show".   They recorded quite extensively for Decca (as The Ortiz Trio) and, as The Coronados, for Vik, United Artists, Columbia, Peerless, Columbus, RCA Victor, 4 Corners, Jubilee and probably more.

Their father, also known as Tamborin the Great Clown, operated a family circus named La Compania Hermanos Ortiz :

La Compania Hermanos Ortiz presented trapeze, wire walking, fire eating, juggling, singing, dramatic excerpts, and comic skits.  José's wife, Florinda sang rhythm and blues, and served as straight man to her husband's comedy.  The children, Reuben, Steve, Gloria, Anita and Juanita, were also performers.  In Taos, the tent was set up in an empty lot near the Plaza.  On night as they performed, charges were brought against Tamborin because he apparently had made a woman laugh so hard she had a heart attack and died.

Ray Stanley version


  1. I went to Albuquerque High School with Steven and Ruben Ortiz. They, occasionally, performed at the school. Two of my best friends dated the boys. I wrote to Ruben while he was in the Army. I lost track of them many years ago. What and how are they doing today. My name is Celia (Gonzales) De La O. I would love to get in touch with them if possible. Check me out on Face Book.

    1. Is this R(e)uben Ortiz?