Monday, January 5, 2015

Little Bit of Lovin'

Gi Gi

Publishers: Glodis-Straight Ahead
A Straight Ahead Rythem Prod.

Seg-Way 1010

Flip :  This Time Next Summer 

Straight Ahead Rhythm was headed by GiGi's manager, Mrs Jean Grace, who also was the main composer and arranger of this independent production company with  Doles Dickens as musical director, a bass player whose musical career started in the 40s.  

Gi Gi / Gigi / Little Gigi
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Little Gigi real name is Gloria Glenn.  See Derek Daily 45 blog here for Gloria's email if you want to contact her.

Updated discography (three records as by Billie Dearborn (with thanks to MarkD)

Seg-Way (1962)   
1010 — This Time Next Summer / Little Bit of Lovin'  (Gi Gi)
1011 —  Ha Ha / Almost Persuaded (Little Gigi)

Colpix (1962)
668 — Peace For Christmas/The Sound Of. Angels (Gigi)

Select (1964)
731 — Take the Bitter with the Sweet / I'm Hurt and So Is My Heart (Little Gigi)

Soul (1964)
102 — Take the Bitter with the Sweet / I'm Hurt and So Is My Heart (Little Gigi)

Decca (1964-1965)
31721 —  Baby Don'tcha Worry (Vernon Harrell and Little Gigi) / All That's Good (Little Gigi)
31760 — I Volunteer / Save Our Love in time  (Little Gigi)

Dot (1966)
16945 — Can't Help Falling In Love / Don't Be A Loser Baby (Gigi)

DynoVoice ( Sept. 1966)
223 — McDougal Street Blues / Down  ('Billie Dearborn')

Bell (June 1967)

676  —  You Need Me To Love You / B: MacDougal Street Blues   ('Billie Dearborn')

LHI (April 1968)

1210 : Friday's Child  / I'd Love To Be Loved   ('Billie Dearborn')

Sweet (1971)
001 — Daddy Love Pt. 1/Pt. 2 (Gi Gi)


  1. Can you please post the flip side "This Time Next Summer" if you have it.
    Thank You.

  2. 'All That's Good' by Vernon Harrell (Little GiGi: out)

  3. I received a confirmation message from Gloria Glenn's daughter.Her mom also recorded as 'Billie Dearborn' for DYNAVOICE;BELL;LHI.