Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ideal Records (Los Angeles, 1958)

500 - Frankie White
I-500-A —  It's All Over Now
I-500-B  — Gee-Huh-Hee Baby
501 - Heavy J. Lockett with Frankie White and The Enchanters  
I-501-A —  Chicken In a Hurry
I-501-B  — Smack Me Baby

This is, I assume, the entire output of this obscure Los Angeles label.  The two records came probably from the same recording session and were issued in the summer of 1958.  That's all I known.
No info about Frankie White.  No info neither on Heavy J. Lockett.   A John Lockett had a single issued in 1962 on the L.A. Triangle label (It Shouldn't Happen To A Dawg / The Circle Twist).   He sounds like he's possibly the same singer.

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