Saturday, May 2, 2015

Each Little Bit Helps

Horace Whatley, Acuff-Rose

Louisiana Record Co.
Pineville, Louisiana

I'm sorry to say that nothing is known of the singer or of this Larco label.  But there is some good news for the Pineville residents or its visitors  :
Pineville had long been a fully dry city with no alcohol available legally in the community.     Liquor is now available in Pineville, according to a special vote held in 2013,  first in restaurants since January 1, 2014.

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  1. Just a guess but probably LARCO stood for Louisiana Record Company? Another guess of mine it's related to the MURCO label out of Shreveport, owned by Harding Guyon Desmarais and Dick Martin. It has a similar label design. Pineville, nevertheless, is 130 miles southeast of Shreveport. Still wondering what the MU stood for in MURCO.

    At least one release on Murco by Jerry Ross (Murco 1016), "Ever'body's Tryin'" / "Small Little Girl." By the way: both songs were co-written by T. Givens, likely Thomas Levan Givens alias Tommy Blake.