Thursday, March 11, 2010

Johnny H. & his Henchmen

Johnny custom made his flying "V" acoustic

Johnny Haemmerle aka ENIS aka Jesse Presley

Jesse was using the name Johnny H when three family members told him he was a Presley, not a Haemmerle. Around this time his legal dad obtained for him a 1-8-35 birth certificate from Tupelo, Miss.

According to his MySpace resumé his influences were : Elvis Presley, Johnny Mathis, Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdinck, Tiny Tim, Carl Perkins, Andy Williams, Ole Blue Eyes, Motown, Beethoven, Bach, Handel, Vivaldi and Mozart.

And what connection does Jesse have with such Stars as Arnold Schwarzenegger , Sylvester Stallone, Frank Sinatra, Frankie Avalon, Peter Boyle, Helen Hays, Ed Fury, Bill Smith Al Pacino, The Isley Brothers, Little Anthony & The Imperials, Pat Boone, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Elvis, Gary Moore, Bud Collyer, Orson Bean, Art Carney, Bob Hope, Ethal Waters, Columbia Pictures and Joe Weider? His space at MySpace has all the answers and much, much more (pictures and sounds).



  1. All my life well since 1980 I have tried to find my real father Richard (Dick) Donovan who served with Colonel Keesler, is Johnny this man, I read once he married his step sister of the family that adopted him. Please help me I am Janet Faye Robinson Presley Brown, 138 Wellington St., Anderson, SC, 29624. or call 864 276-8965.

  2. Tks Melton,
    Read today Elvis had Adolf Hitler blood, all I can say about that is my grandfather is identical to Adolf he is deceased Ira F. or P. Robinson. Elvis said he was of hillbilly blood, he was related to the McCoy's and Hatfields, and that the worst thing he ever did was mess with his cousin. My mother was his cousin, Elvis used the Richard (Dick) Donovan name that was in the Consolidated Coal Mining package that my mother saved as my inheritance, he also was with CSX that got the coal on the cars. Valerie Gambino came to live 3 months in front of me she said she was related to Adolf Hitler he was her g-g-grandfather. At a friends house gotta go we all wish the love that Elvis gave us. I miss my Daddy and I wish he had let us watch him age with his beautiful voice. Kisses to my Daddy and lots of walks with a little hand in his.