Thursday, December 1, 2016

Let's Dance

Little Becky Cook
With the Mad Lads

Let's Dance

CBM Record Co. 45-504
59 Court St., Newark, N.J.

CBM Records discography

Gene Granville With Delresse, Music By The Intruders
Horror Rockin Dance / Don't You Know 
words & music : Gene Granville &  Harry Jubin, Cape Ann Publishing Co, Nashville, Tenn
Arranger : Cliff Houston
Produced by Harry & Lisa Marlo
CMB Records
79 Willow Street , Carteret, N.J.

Little Becky Cook And The Rag Mops, Music By The Intruders

The Itchy Scratch / God Bless This Moment ‎

Arranger : Cliff Houston
Produced by Harry & Lisa Marlo

no cat. number
The Abstrack Sound
Your Gona Break My Heart / Judge Him If You Can
Publisher : Rambed Publ. Co., BMI
Arr. and produced by Catena & Monetti

Possibly the same CBM label (unconfirmed) :
Tommy O'Tan 
Blue Moon / Sunset Rock

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