Monday, December 26, 2016

You Caught Me Off Guard

Joanne Touchstone
You Caught Me Off Guard
Lichterman-Williams, Triumvirate Music BMI

Sound Stage 7 45-2543

Joanne Touchstone recorded three singles for Sound Stage 7, a Monument Records subsidiary, all produced by Bill Justis in 1964-1965.   As Joanne Spain (her birth name) she recorded disco music for Casino/GRT Records in 1976.   She also wrote "Another Neon Night" that was recorded by Grand Ole Opry star Jean Shepard.

Joanne Spain (1938-2009)
From a Casino Records ad, 1976

Her obit (edited) from The Commercial Appeal, April 8, 2009:

JOANNE SPAIN, 70, of Memphis, Tennessee died on April 6, 2009 at Baptist Memorial Hospital. Surrounded by friends in life and death, she fought a courageous battle with cancer,

Joanne was born on May 8, 1938, in Jackson, Tennessee to Joseph Thomas and Louise Spain. She graduated from Northside High School in Jackson, Tennessee where she starred on the basketball team. She earned her Bachelor's Degree at Lambuth College and her Master's degree from Memphis State University. Joanne's sense of humor was her hallmark. . She was an avid golfer and contributed to the game by serving as president of the Women's Competitions Committee for the Tennessee Golf Association.

Joanne followed in her mother's footsteps and became a teacher. She taught both Vocal Music and English in Memphis City Schools at Colonial Junior High, Messick High School, Whitehaven High School, and East High School.

She produced many musical productions while a music teacher at Colonial Junior High School that had students expressing their gratitude for those experiences for years after they had graduated. She touched the lives of many students who have become successful adults because of, not only her skills in teaching, but also the lasting connections that she made. As stated in her teacher evaluation, "Love bounced off the walls in her classroom."

Joanne left her teaching career briefly to pursue her dream as a singer/ songwriter. She produced an album with two hit songs, Walk Softly and Elevator. She also wrote the hit song, Another Neon Night that was recorded by Grand Ole Opry star Jean Shepard. A loyal University of Memphis fan, she loved her dogs, golf and the beach. 


  1. Really enjoyed reading about Joanne Spain. I had the pleasure of being one of her students. I knew her as Joanne Spain, Joanne Touchstone and then Joanne Spain again. She was a great Vocal Music/ Music Appr teacher. She was able to put herself right on the students level. In music appreciation she would let the students bring their albums to play on Friday. The catch was you had to give undivided attention to the Classics on Mon and Wed. When she put out Walk Softly it was a local "Hit" in Memphis. She even had George Klein pushing her record.
    She was the talk of Memphis. She bought a White Jaguar to cruise around in. Anyway liked the bit on Joanne Spain (Touchstone)

  2. Stupendous!~ The female equivalent to Sky Saxon..........

  3. She was my Music Teacher for 2 years at Colonial Jr. High. Wonderful lady. Taught us Classical Music and music theory. If we listened to "her" music and paid attention, on Friday we got to listen to "our" music. She was Joanne Spain when she taught her first two years, then she married a Dentist and her name changed to Jo Ann Touchstone. After she put this record out she started driving a white Jaguar to school.(Only to add to the height of "Coolness") I was playing in a garage band at this time and she always stressed Education First then the band. Turns out she was right. The last time I saw her was about 1972. We ran into each other at a 7/11 Store in East Memphis. We sat on the front of my car and drank a Slurpee. She asked about how my band was going, I told her it wasn't and I had to get a real job. She said "That's why I always told you, get your Education". I was very sorry to hear of her Passing. Wonderful Lady, Great memories, and a very positive influence on my life. Thank You, Joanne.