Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Boom Boom Boom

Boom Boom Boom


Cover of John Lee Hooker by uncredited band on the last disc of the fifth set in the Discoteen series issued by the mighty Chicago's Seeburg Corporation in 1965.
DiscoTeen, which released 5 sets of 10 discs with a red label, culled
all the recent hits from the Discotheque Series and added a lot more,
with only occasional slow songs. Mixed in with the instrumental versions
of hits were 1-3 originals on each album (as was the case for the other
series, also), usually quite competent and danceable instrumentals.

The music itself included no hit versions, but the musicians were quite
competent and the sound quality was excellent. The artists were not
identified, so we have called the various artists the same name Seeburg
used for their generic music in the past, The Seeburg Spotlite Band.
Actually, according to those around Seeburg at the time, bands such as
David Carroll and Boots Randolph and their orchestras were hired to
record these tunes, and recordings were done in first-rate studios such
as Universal Studios in Chicago (Seeburg's home city) and Nashville's
top studios. All the recordings were well-separated true stereo.
 Info taken from the excellent Both Sides Now website HERE


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