Sunday, July 1, 2018

Susanne Haines, Waxmate of the Month

Susanne Haines was a stripper and former Miss Nude Universe. "Nothing else seemed exciting at the time," she confessed. "I couldn't imagine anything else." Then Susanne, Register found the Lord and her life was transformed. . . . She was Susanne Haines in those days when "I thought I was free, but I wasn't. I really didn't know God." "I became an atheist when I was attending Sacramento State College. Before that I was a mormon," she said in an interview in Jacksonville, Fla. The next phase of her life, she recalled, just happened. When she was a college senior and married she decided she wanted to get away from her husband. "So when I saw an ad in the paper for a go-go waitress I quit college and began making $72.50 a week in a beer bar. Then I learned to strip-tease." In time she was making a salary of $450 a week as a ' stripper and this figure jumped to $1,000 a week when she danced as Miss Nude Universe after being named to the title in 1971 at a pageant in San Bernardino, Calif. Susanne was arrested some 25 times for indecent exposure, "But I didn't think I was doing anything wrong." Then in Oklahoma City she was arrested for grand larceny; a charge that haunted her afterwards. To this day she refuses to discuss it. "Although I never went to court, I knew that arrest would follow me through life," she said.

On June 30, 1977, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that the 1971 Miss Nude Universe will spend Saturday dressed and with her Bible at the nation's only government-operated nude beach.

"As Jesus walked among the sinners, I want to walk among the nudes to describe for them the better way of life that I have found," said Susanne Haines Register, a former nightclub stripper. Mrs. Register also is to conduct a weekend tent revival in the suburb of El Cajon. Meanwhile, the City Council on Wednesday decided to put the question of whether nude sunbathing will continue at Black's Beach before the voters in September. In recent weeks, the council has been under increasing pressure to reverse its three-year-old experiment in allowing the 900-foot strip of cliff-enclosed sand to be used as "swimsuit optional" area. Protests concerning the beach have been loud from residents of the $250,000 homes in La Jolla Farms, which overlooks Black's Beach, although some of the residents say they are more upset about parking problems created by the more than 30,000 people who use the beach on weekends than nudity. Robert Jacobs, chairman of the Nude Beaches Committee, told the council he was "distressed that a small group of totalitarian moralists" forced the council into its 5-3 vote to call the election. "We'll continue to fight in the council chambers. We'll continue to fight in the courts. And we'll fight on the beaches," said Jacobs, whose group seeks expansion of swimsuit optional beaches. He said if necessary, nude bathers would test the ability of the city to enforce clothing edicts by inviting mass arrests.

Her only waxing (spoken word) released on the Shade Tree label in 1976.
How she lived in sin (side 1) and how she found God (side 2)

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