Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Koffee Shop Rock

Mickey Michaels and The Forrestals

1958: The Forrestals were all servicemen of the U.S. Navy. Led by the drummer, Quartermaster Doug Fowlkes, the band was formed while these seven men served aboard the CVA-59, better known as USS Forrestal, America’s first angled-deck carrier built as such, commissioned in 1955 and named for the secretary of defense.

They had a deal with Felsted Records through Bill Davis (Sheriff Tex Davis) in Norfolk, Virginia. Davis, who had a radio show at WCMS, and  is credited with helping Gene Vincent write "Be-Bop-A-Lula," and to shop the song to labels.

Leaving the USS Forrestal, the band embarked on the USS Independence. Following the smoke of the boat they were on,  you will be able to find them recording from now on as The Aire-Dales or Airdales (airedale: naval slang for any member of the aviation community, officer or enlisted). on Viva Records (Florida) and then in Italy (Vis Radio Records) and then on Barclay Records (France), Rocker Roberts (Rocky Roberts), being now their vocalist.

The Airdales (Vis Radio sleeve)

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