Friday, April 30, 2021

I'm In Love With A Mutant

Sonny Adams


 I'm In Love With A Mutant

 Cique Records 101



Samuel T. Adams, Jr. (1928-2016)

Sam, also known as "Sonny" Adams, was a fixture on the local New Oleans entertainment scene. Managing to earn a living not only as a pianist and clarinetist, but also as a humorist, puppeteer, and TV "Bozo the Clown".  He is best known, to his chagrin, as one of the perpetrators of "Nobody Likes A Smart Ass," the irreverent satirical cabaret show that somehow ran successfully for 15 years in the French Quarter during the 1960s and 1970s.

Older fans might remember him best for his song parodies, which were almost always topical, clever and achingly funny, but sometimes teetered on the boundaries of good taste. He was hilarious and unfiltered, and let his quirky thoughts lead him wherever they might. While he had a Masters Degree in Zoology, his Korean War Army service led to a stint at the Navy School of Music, which he credits with honing his longtime interest and skills in music. He ultimately received a Masters Degree in Music and taught briefly before heading out to entertain the world.  

During his Army service, Sam involuntarily participated in "Operation Upshot-Knothole". An atmospheric nuclear blast at the Nevada Test Range, which he credits his life long relationship with skin cancers and dermatologists. . He recorded a full album on the RPC custom label about skin conditions, titled "The Derma-Disc". The album can be downloaded here

According to his obit, Sam Adams, "The Prince of Parody," announced in 2016 that he has completed his 88-year gig on planet Earth, and was available for other engagements.


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