Saturday, December 4, 2010

We Love Them All

Here’s a record with a built-in human interest story. While most teenage Beatle Fans have been swooning over pin-ups of their shaggy-haired idols, Shelley Hutchings, 12 years old and Kim Stardtler, 13 years old of La Crosse, Wisconsin, have put their sentiments to music in a catchy new song called, « WE LOVE THEM ALL. »
While camped out on a summer night in the back yard and inspired as they listened to Beatle hits on a portable, the girls composed the song, « WE LOVE THEM ALL. »
After due encouragement from local D.J.’s and musicians, the girls decided to put their Beatle tribute on record. Give it a spin and win the hearts of Beatle Fans young and old.
They are backed by the Jim and Chuck Trio of La Crosse, Wisconsin : Jim Burkhart, lead guitar ; Chuck Hall, rhythm guitar, and Tom Eisenman, drums.

(From the back of the picture sleeve)


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