Friday, December 3, 2010

Real Gone Baby

Alvis (Eddie) Edwards

Real Gone Baby


I'm sure you all know this (GREAT) record which has found its way on at least five compilations. This record is listed by Terry Gordon' Rockin' Country Style, but no location given.

My research regarding this record has leaded me to the conclusion that the most probable recording location was Norman Petty's studio in Clovis, New Mexico.

Eddie Edwards was in The Raiders, the backing band of Tommy Sands and recorded at least one session with them in July 1958 ("Blue Ribbon Baby", Capitol Records).

Hal Blaine, the well known drummer and session musician, recalls in his autobiography Hal Blaine and the Wrecking Crew :

Eddie Edwards was from San Saba, Texas, famous for its shell pecans. Eddie was the comedian of the group (The Raiders) . He was also a great rhythm guitar player, but it took me the longest time to get used to his snuff spiting. Eddie was featured on songs like « Who Wears Short Shorts ». Audiences loved his antics.

There is an astonishing similarity between the music backing of "Real Gone Baby" and of Sonee West "Rock-Ola Ruby", recorded three years earlier by... Norman Petty.

I assume that's Buddy Smith on lead guitar on both of these records. ?

You can listen to the Enall flip side, "I Wake Up Crying", at YouTube, posted by Harry (Barrett), from Wichita Falls I think, who says :

I played music with eddie back in 1959..he played with a few bands back east... Then he toured with tommy sands as his lead guitar. Sure would like to know what happened to him. Leave a comment if you have any info.



  1. Radax (MA) 45 - 80401 "Its Cool" / Hey Mr. Dealer is By Al Edwards & The Jaguars as is Elete (MA) 45 - 1 "Hot Rod / ? Guess its your man? The Drunken Hobo

  2. Eddie is my step grandpa, are you still hoping to connect with him?

    1. Sure Anonymous. It will be great if Eddie himself would confirm (or infirm) what I wrote about this great record...

    2. i have been speaking to his son Eddie Edwards and he has told me its not his dad on the record ???????? some confusion here i think
      regards ron /uk