Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Claus Rock And Roll

Kathy and Jimmy Zee

Santa Claus Rock And Roll

Willett 121

This is Kathy Zee and brother Jimmy.

Kathy Zee was born Kathleen Ann Zaleski in Lawrenceville, a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, in 1946. She started her musical career early, at the age of four. Brother Jimmy already was singing at benefits and talent shows, and Kathy thought she would like to be part of the action. Jimmy happened to be singing at a benefit show for the Leukemia foundation at a local high school, and she saw her chance. She was in the typical "Four Year Old" mode, carrying on about wanting to sing at the show. Mom and the organizers gave in and she went on to sing "Some Of These Days". The crowd loved her and the Harmony Wildcats (Kathy and Jimmy) were born. The played local benefit shows, record hops, talent contests, radio and TV,and were regulars on the Eva Jackson and Virginia O'Donnell show. Kathy Zee was the youngest mandolin player in Pittsburgh, at four years old! Kathy had a manager by the name of Elmer Willett, and he assisted her with a voice coach and was instrumental in getting a record deal with Laurie records, which released her first record "Buzzin" in the US....

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