Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coal Mine

Mike Shaw

Coal Mine

The record can also be found on Gone 5098 (January '61)

Mike Shaw had also "O Bee O By O Baby O/My Friend" issued on Regal 7507, a label owned by Stanley Kahan (credited as the co-writer of "Coal Mine").

Label picture credit : Rockin' Country Style

I wonder if this is the same Mike Shaw on the Miami-located Perfect Records in 1956. It's quite possible, as Billboard reported (June 2, 1958 issue) that
(Miami) Local hotel owner Stanley Kahan, who wrote « Girl With the Golden Braids », recently purchased a piece of George Goldner’s new label, Regal Records. Kahan plans to hold some local sessions with Miami talent – including the Coralairs – in the near future.
Anyway, if you want to exercise your own judgment, both sides of the Perfect single can be found here :

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  1. Cool stuff- as always.
    I recently posted another one about the plight of the coal miner called "Black Lung." Coincidentally, it's by a guy named Jack Shaw.
    Check it out.