Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That's the Trouble with Love

Jane Bowman

That's the Trouble with Love

(Joe M. Huling - Bob Chilton, American Music BMI)

Acclaim JB-1001

Produced by Jim Canada

Probably her first (before her two singles on Sapien Records, on which the wilder "Mad Mama" was issued).

Around the same time (year 1961) was launched another Acclaim label, also from California. As I can't find a release for Sapien 1001 AND any other release on the same Acclaim label, I assume this Acclaim label had to change its name and became Sapien.

Producer (and A&R) Jim Canada was involved with all these Jane Bowman recordings.



  1. I like this song.
    Oddly I cant find anything online about this release.
    Any chance you can post the flip side ?
    Dont even know the title or if the flip side is any good since I cant find anything online.
    Thanks so much !!!

  2. Flip is "Just Imagination". I don't have it.

  3. "That's the Trouble with Love" was also recorded by Frank Gorshin on Brand 1001, twice by Kell Osborne, first on Revis as "Yaya Yaya" and then on Highland with the new title "Trouble Trouble Baby" and there is also a unreleased demo version by Gene Vincent

  4. Joe Huling is my dad and I've been searching all over for something he wrote!