Sunday, January 23, 2011

Smoke Stack Lightning

Herby Joe

Smoke Stack Lightning

(Abco 101, 1956)

The Abco label was founded by Elias P. Toscano and Joe Brown in 1956. Toscano set up a studio behind the store he had at 2854 West Roosevelt in Chicago. His store was « AB Television and Record Sales, a television sales and service outfit, a retail record store and a one-stop record distributorship. Toscano’s friend Joe Bedno worked promotion for the label and helped operate the AB-one stop.

The concentration for Abco was blues. There was only seven releases — two bar-band blues, one Louis Myers and the other by Morris Pejoe, and four blues with a more up-town sound, two by Arbee Stidham, one by Herby Joe, and one by Freddie Hall. There was one vocal group release, by the Rip-Chords.

Brown dropped out of the operation during the summer of 1956, and Toscano and Bedno reorganized the firm as Cobra Records in August [1956].

Source : Robert Pruter


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  1. Should be 8 releases.
    #102 by Zona Sago's Modern Sounds (1956)