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Shakin Like A Leaf

Clyde Pitts

Shakin Like A Leaf

C. Pitts - Loretta Ricketts, Trickle Music

Toppa Records

Billboard reviewer wasn't that impressed by Clyde Pitts' effort issued by Toppa Records, a label owned in Covina, California by Jack Morris, a local DJ.
Pitts tries hard on this rocker but the side doesn't come off. (Billboard, August 22, 1960)

Born around 1939 in Mississippi, Clyde Pitts played lead guitar in some country band around Jackson in the fifties before recording eight singles between 1960 and 1968 for six different labels. After his recording career was over he has worked as a songwriter (and a rather prolific one). He co-wrote songs with big names such as Carl Belew, Van Givens (AKA Tommy Blake), Billy Deaton....

His most successful song was "Sweetheart Of The Year" sung by Ray Price (Columbia, 1969), a song Clyde recorded himself before for Monument Records in 1968.

Clyde Pitts discography :
1960 Just A Reminder/Shakin' Like A Leaf Toppa 1018
1961 Baby, Don't Believe Him/Lonely Side Of Time 4-Star 1751
1962 Race With Heartbreak/Better Side Of Him Challenge 9165
1962 Heartbroken/Mister Me Everest 20002
1966 I'm Gonna Change My Telephone/Let Me Be Me Columbia 43713 PS
1966 Who Let This Heartache In/Would You Believe It Columbia 43820
1966 Gone You're Gonna Be/Lover, Let Go Columbia 43945
1968 If The Song Fits/Sweetheart Of The Year Monument 1068

Clyde Pitts in BMI database

Clyde Pitts in Rockin' Country Style

N.B. : Jerry Pitts - listed in Rockin' Country Style - is his younger brother.


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