Sunday, February 27, 2011


Bobby Joe


Flag Records

The Flag Records label started in Mobile, Alabama in 1957. When the record company moved up the road to Lucedale in 1961, most of the titles issued were straight country. “Hayfever” is a bit more up-tempo.

Flag 5001 (picture sleeve)

Flag Records owners Chuck Thompson and John Dixon with Gene Vincent
Mobile, Alabama, WALA-TV studio
picture credit : Gene Vincent Lonely Street forum

Flag Records listing :

111 Johnny Lanier
112 Rhythm Rockers
113 Davis Brothers
114 Chuck Grimes
115 Saints
116 Ray Arthurs Hillstoppers
117 Polk Brothers
118 Wally Willette
120 Tommy Derek
121 Louis Dee

5001 Bobby Joe
5002 Paul Carruth
5004 Paul Holland III

5011 Bill Henderson And The Allstars

5014 Hayward Skinner
5015 Hillbilly Bill



  1. is the Paul Carruth Flag 45 Named Thippin Thider?

  2. That's right:

    Thippin Thider b/w Teenage Girl

  3. Thanks I have it on a Teebee CD but did not know the label.

  4. cool stuff. poor little bobby joe sounds like wanda jackson.... hope he went through puberty soon after,

  5. My family has had this record/sleeve since it came out, I guess. I remember looking at the sleeve when I was a kid, wondering how another kid got to be on a record?! I reckon after all of these decades, I inherited this gem!