Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Telephone Baby

Don Miller - Carolyn Day

Telephone Baby
(Jim Stivers, Webster Music BMI)

Bedford Records

Produced by Bob Scherman

This is likely the same Don Miller on Melker and Libra, two records listed in the Rockin' Country Style discography. "Missile Monkey" (not listed in RCS and issued on Kangaroo Records, 1961), is available on the "Bent, Batty And 'bnoxious! " compilation.

About Carolyn Day, I known nothing.

Bedford is just one of the myriad of Los Angeles labels owned by Bob Sherman, one of the earliest independent record company owners on the West Coast. Robert Scherman born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1920, started his career in the music business as producer for Syd Nathan's King Records and Federal Records. One of Robert Scherman most important labels was Atlas (1944-1948). He later formed and owned Skylark Records. In 1951 Scherman formed and solely owned Tampa.Records... etc. etc.

Jim Stivers, credited as the writer and backing band leader, was pianist at the Whip, a Long Beach club frequented by Eddie Cochran when Eddie handpicked him in 1958 as one of the musicians for his backing band. First billed Jim Stivers And His Hollywood Swingers, they later became the Kelly Four and recorded on Silver and Candix Records.

English rockabilly guitarist Darrel Higham (born 1970) played in the USA during six months with the Kelly Four in 1992, just before the passing of Jim Stivers the same year.


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  1. Nice bit of poppy pop. I couldn't find anything about Carolyn Day either. Too bad, she's got a great voice. I did find her mentioned a few times listed as a performer on TV shows that featured singers of the day so someone must have been promoting her.

    Great song, thanks for the post and the info