Monday, April 16, 2012

Whiskey, Ol' Whiskey

Bill Reese and His Rhythm Kings
Vocal by Tommy Malone

Whiskey, Ol' Whiskey / I Gotta Find My Baby

Pennant Records


Birmingham, Alabama label founded in 1955 and headed by Pete Doraine. The same year, the Bill Reese Quintet backed The Coronets on Sterling Records. Ten years later, there was a release on J.Mayo Williams' Ebony Records (Ebony 1055) credited to Tommie "Blind Tom" Malone with "Bill" Reese and His Ebony Studio Band.

Billboard, May 14, 1955

NEW YORK, May 7. - Pete Doraine, one-time mentor of Banner, Abbey and Allen Records, is back in the record business. The veteran music man, now a resident of Birmingham, is head of artists and repertoire for the new Pennant and Vulcan labels sponsored by an Alabama distributor, Southland Enterprises, Inc., Francis Goodman, president.

Doraine was in town this week with Sales Director Cy Aptaker to set local distribution and promotion. He has launched Pennant as a pop and country label and Vulcan as a rhythm and blues specialty. For the former label he has signed the Dick Mulliner ork and vocalist Eddie Antone ; For Vulcan, the first pactees are the Five Owls, a vocal group.

The outfit is building its own recording studio in Birmingham, and also has its own subsidiary publishing firm, Pennant Music Publishing Company, a Brtoadcast Music, Inc. Affiliate.

Pennant Records Discography

327 Dick Mulliner Orch Vocal Eddie Antone : Crazy Is The Baby / I Fell In Love Too Late,

328 -The Jim Dandies With Mr. Jo-Jo Spoons/Backroom Joe And The Boys : There's No Song Like An Old Song / Piano Roll Party

329 Mr Jo Jo Spoons : Play It Again / Alabama Jubilee


331 Duke Jenkins Orch. With Jo Jo Spoons : Sad Again / Mambo Blues

333 Womack Brothers : Bible Tells Me So / Buffalo Bill

334 Bill Reese and His Rhythm Kings / Vocal by Tommy Malone : Whiskey, Ol' Whiskey / I Gotta Find My Baby



  1. So Dave & Stereo's Roamin' Rodeo (1961) Pennant 45 - 1001 is another Pennant label from where? Thanks D

    1. Dave & Stereos on Pennant, label from Gardena, California

  2. 330 is "Somebody Stole My Gal/Waiting for the Robert E Lee" by Backroom Joe and The Boys featuring Mr. Jo Jo Spoons