Monday, March 5, 2018

Colleen Lovett, Waxmate of the Month

(from her Laff album, 1979)

Texas-born Colleen Lovett  was known as one of the Lovett Sisters, a singing duo with her sister Charlotte.
When we were very young teenagers, we began singing on the W.F.A.A. Sat. Night Shindig radio and T.V. shows, and later on the W.R.R. Big 'D' Jamboree in Dallas. It was during this time period that we were signed by a major record label, Imperial Records. 
In 1957, Colleen married bandleader Teddy Phillips, 22 years her senior.

In 1984, Colleen, now Dr. Colleen Phillips, Ph.D., Diet Nutritionist, founded Diet Doctors Medical Mgmt, a successful medical weight loss center in Canoga Park, CA.  In 2003, Colleen and Char once again hit the recording studios as the Lovett Sisters and released their double album "Wheels of Time".

Lovett Sisters

54 Imperial 45-8228Time Out For Love / No More Teardrops
54 Imperial 45-8233 Until I Lost You / I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire
54 Imperial 4X8262 Sometime, Somewhere / Behind My Back - 54
54 Imperial 4X8272 Bacon And Eggs / Little Dirty Face
55 Imperial X8286 Come Home To Me / Mexican Polka
57 Todd 1001 Won't Cha Squeeze Me? / Dear Daddy

Colleen Lovett (except when noted)


58 Coral 62024 Colleen And Her Schoolmates
Mairzy Dotes / My Heart Is On A Merry-Go-Round

58 Brunswick 55099
Out For The Day / Blue Moon

59 Brunswick 55127
Goodnight Sweetheart / I'd've Baked A Cake

59 Stepheny 1836
Wishin' / Cla-Wence

62 Carlton 583 Cindy Rella And Her Stepsisters
He Don't Love Me Anymore / I Want Him To Come Back Home

63 Newport 1452 Colleen Lovett With Teddy Phillips Sextet
Teenage Blues / For The Birds

63 IRC 7919
Scubie-Dubie Scuba Diver / ?

64 Drum Boy 112
Bring Me A Beatle For Christmas / Cla-Wence

66 Dot 16832
Freckle-Faced Soldier / Go-Go Girl

66 Mira 226 Colleen And Teddy
Beachnut / Lonesome Blues

69 or later  P&L
Galveston / Omaha


61 Teddy Phillips Quintet, Featuring Colleen Lovett                            
Five Men + 1 Girl   (Carlton 12131)

65 Teddy Phillips Orchestra, Featuring Colleen Lovett
Music You Want To Hear  (Drum Boy 1002)

68 Teddy Phillips /Colleen Lovett & Their Mexicali Brass
Tijuana Sounds (P&L 10357)

74 Colleen Lovett
Birds With Broken Wings (Era 605)

79 Colleen Lovett
Good Grief, It’s... Candy  (Laff A137)

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