Sunday, March 18, 2018

He's A Devil

Lillay Deay

He's A Devil

Timely Records

Late 60s?

Lillay Deay is one of the Candidates for Immortality listed by Irwin Chusid at the end of his book "Songs In The Key of Z, The Curious Universe of Outsider Music.

Lillay Deay (or Lillay Daniels) was born about 1896 in Texas where she still resided in 1940 along with her husband William J. Daniels and two sons, Robert 17 and Dan 13.  That's all about I can find. Timely Records out of Tujunga was her own label active during the late sixties/early seventies.



  1. GREAT! A real contender for the "rediscovered song of the century" award.
    Fades out WAY too soon. Anyway we could get the flip side?

  2. Hi Bob. As Timmy requests, any chance of the B-side? Let me know if you ever fancy selling your copy!