Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Donna Hightower (RPM 481)

Donna Hightower

Billboard, December 1, 1956

RPM 481

He’s My Baby
* The thrush describes her rock and roll lover, and finally gets completely carried away in a frenzy of enthusiasm. A Lively, emotionnaly convincing demonstration.

I Ain’t Gonna Tell
* Another fine performance by Miss Hightower. This is a rhythm-ballad whose beat is vigorous and full of cute twists. The singer’s fans can chalk up two good ones here.

"Little" Donna Hightower had a dynamic, big voice and made some fine shouting records for Decca and RPM in the 1950's. She toured the "chitlin circuit" with Louis Jordan and B.B. King at that time. She not only had range and power, but was equally compelling doing sentimental, soft ballads. She was backed by the orchestras of Horace Henderson and Maxwell Davis on the Decca and RPM material, respectively... Read more


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