Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Man

Shirley McPherson

My Man

Musical Accompaniment by Jan Stanley & the Convicts

Bowery Records, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Arthur Smith Studios Charlotte, N.C.

Pressed by Kay Bank in Minneapolis (in 1964, according to the KB number printed on label).

One-off release on a label perhaps named after "The Bowery", sometimes referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World - a landmark located 50 yards from the Atlantic Ocean in Myrtle Beach (cold drinks and live entertainment every night since 1944...)

The one recognizable name on label is Arthur Smith. But he was just the owner of the studio where was recorded the Bowery single. Someone has to explain one day why the Arthur Smith Studios had their records pressed so far away in Minnesota...

Jan Stanley & the Convicts are completely unknown.

I've found several references to Shirley McPhersons but none are conclusive. One was a singer with a group touring Army bases when she met (and married) the Arthur Prysock's bass player, named Lucky Romain. (ref.Pamela McPherson-Cornelius CDBaby page HERE).



  1. Jan Stanley played trumpet. He was the leader of the Bowery (myrtle beach club) house band in at least the mid sixties, if not longer. I've seen a picture of them and they were wearing horizontal black and striped t-shirts which would mesh with the "convict" name.

  2. I played at the Bowery in 1965-66 era. Jan Stanley was always around... playing his trumpet. We were the house band from about Feb. 1966 thru July 1966. Never made it big like Alabama but have a bunch of great memories! Would love to hook up with some of the old band members... Danny Malone, Dave Parsons... Wally (?) We played a lot of James Brown stuff.
    Posted by: Jim Isaacs

  3. You must have wrong information. Shirley McPherson is my aunt and she never married a bass player. She married Cofield Hilburn and is still happily married with 2 children and 5 grandchildren. An amazing lady with an amazing voice!

  4. Shirley McPherson Hilburn lives in Monroe,nc