Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Is Love

The Fortunes

This Is Love

Yucca Records

"This is Love" is the slower side (doo wop). S. Hebert wrote it and it's Steve Rollins on vocal.

The rocking side is "Lonely teardrops" written and sung by Jim Decker. Already available on Youtube HERE

Both songs were published by Renda Music, a name usually found on Phoenix, Arizona labels. Perhaps The Fortunes were from there?



  1. I have a reference book that shows "This Is Love" as being released on Yucca 168/170. The flip side listed is "The Laugh Of The Town". Does this song really exist or is it a typo? If you have the song, can you please post it/ Thanks.


  2. states correct title is Laugh Of the Train But can find nothing else on net.

  3. has a sold copy list flip as Laugh Of The Town