Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dotty Anderson on Tra-X

Dotty Anderson
With Dickie Thompson's Orchestra

I Can't Sit Down (Til I Know Where I Stand With You)
(Dotty Anderson- Ben Smith, Styletone Music BMI

There's A Jungle Out There
(Smith-Bragg, Sylvia BMI)

Tra-X Records 5/6

☆ ☆ ☆

Tra X Records was part of Ben Smith's stable of New York labels, including :- Tarx, TraX, TriX & X-tra.

Ben Smith
had been, with Big Al Sears, a sax player in Andy Kirk's Clouds Of Joy and then lead of the Ben Smith Quartet. Aside from Teenage Records (co-owned with Bill Gordon), he owned the X-Tra label at 1650 Broadway in New York. It was run out of an office he shared with Al Sears' Sylvia Music Publishing Company. (source : Marv Goldberg)

Dotty Anderson had also, on the same Tra-X label, . "Real Jive Cat" b/w "Never Mind The Gypsy Woman".



  1. Again is reissued on a collector clcd, but no mention of the original labels. So thanks for solving the mystery.