Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mind Your Own Business

Les Stewart, Jr.

Mind Your Own Business
(Hank Williams)

Groovey Grooves Records
2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, Pa.

Arranged by Bob Lowden

A Bill Hamilton Production


The first releases on the Groovey Grooves label in 1968 were The Exceptions, former vocal group with Cameo/Parkway and Richie Allen, slugger with the Phillies baseball team, backed by the Ebonistics.

Independant producer Bill Hamilton had a hand on all the releases on the label, but Groovey Grooves was perhaps a Cameo/Parkway-owned subsidiary.

Robert Lowden (1920-1998) became the primary arranger and composer for the 101 Strings and the Somerset label after Joseph Kuhn died in 1958, and contributed to most of the label's recordings over the next ten years.

Les Stewart, Jr. was... well, you probably known as much as me about Les.


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  1. It's likely it could have had Cameo-Parkway distribution, but by the late-60s it would have had to have the little "Cameo CP Parkway" logo along the bottom edge if they had a financial stake in it.

    Check the date that A B Klein bought it and changed it to Abkco, because there was no new product being issued by then.