Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Want A Dog For Christmas

Vocal by Jeanne Tanzy
The Esquire Band

 I Want A Dog For Christmas

Lenora Carpenter, Lindsay McPhail, Walt Michels & Clate Hazelwood
 Lindsay McPhail Music Pub. Co. 
Indian Lake ASCAP, N.Y. 1965

Lindwood Records #101

A second version by Jeanne Tanzy was later issued on Lindwood 105.  Hear this 2nd version at The Lord of The Boot Sale blog HERE

The Billy Mayo Quintet (vcls: George Kent and Wed Howard) recorded the song as early as 1947 for the Texas' Lone Star Records (it's on YouTube HERE)

The Lindwood release has an additional composer credit in the person of Clate Hazelwood, who may have been, with Lindsay McPhail, owner of the Lindwood Records (LIN=Lindsay, WOOD=Hazelwood ?).  Address ot the label (from Lindwood #105) was 649 Mellsway, Medford, Mass.

Born September 17, 1903, E. Clayton Hazelwood ended his formal education in the fifth grade.  After a long illness and much therapy, he settled into an introspective and sedentary way of life.  Despite his handicap, he was determined to achieve success in this chosen fields of endeavor, his published poetry and articles became known.  By 1934 he was writing for a chain of New York papers.  Directing radio programs for children in Syracuse, Boston and New York City followed shortly after.  By 1938 he had authored three books of poetry and had written the lycics for many recorded songs.

Part of his radio program on WSYR in Syracuse, N.Y. was devoted to an Uncle Clate's Club for children ages 5 to 13.  His aim was to teach children, particulary crippled children, how to handle their problems, and he would take time on each program to answer their questions.

From Syracuse he went to Boston with radio programs for two furniture chains and managed the University Theatre at Harvard Square across from Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he continued to write lyrics for numerous recorded songs but never neglected the poetry that he considered his first interest.

Lindsay McPhail 

Matthew Lindsay McPhail, Jr (1895-1965) was a composer and pianist.  His only major song, “San” (subtitled “Oriental Fox-Trot,” was first recorded in 1921 and has been since interpreted by dozen of artists (see    Lindsay McPhail was once married to Addie McPhail, a former Hollywood actress who became the third and last wife of scandal-plagued silent-film comedian Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle.

 Jeanne Tanzy

Born Jeanne Tanzillo, she is the daughter of FiFi Tanzy, a New York City talent agent.  Jeanne was a child actress on Broadway and worked in TV, films and radio.  More recently, she has been a personal manager for many years having represented actors and several musical groups including the 'Backstreet Boys'. More info HERE  (Note : Jan Tanzy on Columbia Records is her older sister).

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