Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Cumberland Spoons

Joe Jones known to many as "Mr. Spoons" made his living off tips for many decades by playing the spoons.  He described himself as an "ignorant" man but as usual explains it away with a wise thought.  "If you're intelligent, you've got to work 'cause you owe it to the world.  If you're stupid, they put you to work to keep your hands busy and out of trouble.  But if you're just ignorant... well then no one much wants ya, so they leave ya alone."

His brother-in-law had four degrees and has to borrow money from him  all the time.  Think about that before taking your law boards!

See him live here at the
Kentucky Horse Park Bluegrass Festival in 1991

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  1. He does sound like a canny sort of fellow. I dare say his wisdom was hard won. Thanks for this. Love it when people make music with simple means.