Friday, February 22, 2019

Someday You're Gonna Sing The Blues

Big Mack and The Shufflers

Someday You're Gonna Sing The Blues


Out Of My Mind

Tri-Mac 501
Tri-Mac Records Co.
3274 N. 14 St., Milwaukee
"Chicago style" Milwaukee blues vocal with electric guitar on "Someday". "Out of My Mind is instrumental. One-off label owned by Samuel Trice later with Odessa Records.

No idea who is Big Mack or The Shufflers. Anyone?


  1. Big Mack was Wallace McDuffie. My 2nd WI book lists the names of 3 other band members, one of whom worked with 2 other groups that covered in the book but I couldn't find anything else on McDuffie. My books also have more info on label owner Sam Trice & his other efforts.

  2. Thanks for this rarity (and good blues also). And thanks a lot to Gary for infos!