Thursday, April 9, 2020

That's My Ginny In Her Mini-Skirt

The Beacon St. Society

That's My Ginny In Her Mini-Skirt

On the quite obscure Diablo label from Youngstown, so obscure that isn't even listed by Dan DeClark in his Ohio River Valley discography

Written by William Schaffert and published by Paubil Pub. Co.; arranged and conducted by Sam D'Angelo. Date is 1967 based on the copyright and also on the Capitol custom pressing code (W=1967).

William Fred Schaffert was born in 1929. He wrote several songs, among them one he copyrighted in 1969 intriguingly titled "Nasturtium Neighborhood"

Sam D'Angelo (1941-2019) was a composer, arranger and musician. He was also a teacher  at the (Catholic) Ursuline High School, from 1965 to 1971.  Sam has been described as "a very hip band director " (1)

Diablo Record Co. was located at 3518 Champlain Ave. in Youngstown (2), which was certainly the residence of Bill Schaffert, the owner, who started the Diablo label with a single numbered 3518, thus imitating, perhaps without knowing it, the Chess Brothers.  The first release number on their Chess label (by Gene Ammons) was selected after their first Chicago home address - 1425 South Karlov Avenue.

Five singles were issued between 1966 and 1980:

3518 Mike Rance :
I'm In A Dreamer's Paradise / Awake All You Lovers, To Love  (66)

3519 The Beacon St. Society :
That's My Ginny In Her Mini-Skirt / Awake, All You Lovers, To Love   (67)

3520 Cycles Featuring Kathy Onderko :
I Was A Loser Now I'm A Winner / Gone, But Not Forgotten    (78)

3521 Colleen Cefalu :
Why Speak Of Love / Love Can Be

3522 Teri Butler :
I'm Gonna Find Out / Cause I Love You       (80)

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