Saturday, June 12, 2021

Where Is God ?

DeadWax followers, I am sure of it, are interested in all the great debates of society which fascinate so many people: what am I, where am I going, marriage for all, the right to have children, the right to die whenever you want, what's for dinner...

Today we are going to focus on a bigger question: where is God? Like a lot of people, I have his phone number, but I always come across an answering machine: "please wait, an advisor will answer you". So turning to a few people who have an answer.

Gay Sisters

God Is On Our Side (Evelyn Gay)
as inspired to Joe Louis and Jersey Joe Walcott
(Savoy 4027, 1951)

Sav-O-Flex, unbreakable under normal use)

Al Barker with Melody Makers

God Is Everywhere (A. Barker)
Q-Cue Records, Barberton, Ohio, 1962

Norm Burns & The Five Stars

God Is On The Moon (Vivian B. Walton)
Sterling Records, 1971

Tex Roby

God Is On The Road (O. B. Tex Roby)
Charter Records, 1975
(vanity label at Gibson Studios / Ripcord Recording, Vancouver, Washington
Vivian Walton

God Is On The Moon (V. Walton)
From her LP "There's A New Hope In America" on Morning Son Records, 1977


 Blue Sky Boys (Bill & Earl Bolick)
God Is Still On The Throne
From "Precious Moments", LP on Starday Records, also on Pine Mountain Records)


 Cecil Surratt

God Is Near
From his LP "God Is Near" on Upper Room Records
date unknown

I'm sure The Gay Sisters are right,
unbreakable under normal use


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