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Baby Jean


Baby Jean Hamilton
came to the attention of Phoenix, Arizona local producers Buddy Wheeler and Bob Taylor (hence Double B Productions) who waxed “Oh Johnny” and then made a deal with the Chicago-based Stacy Records. Hamilton was the sister of “Small Paul” Hamilton, a fixture on the local scene with his frantic James Brown style performances. Paul also sang with Arizona-based Dyke and the Blazers.

Baby Jean discography

Sept 62 – Stacy Records UA 505 A Double B Production
Dist. by United Artists Records

If You Wanna (Garnes, Price, Wright, Pinkney, Old Taylor Music, BMI)   
Oh Johnny (Garnes, Price, Wright, Pinkney, Old Taylor Music, BMI))

63 – Picadilly Records #501   

Beware The Tall Man  (B. Wheeler, B. Taylor, Old Taylor Music/Renda Music BMI))
I’ve Got A Feelin’ (B. Wright, Old Taylor Music/Renda Music BMI)

Robert C. Taylor, Jr. (1927-2001) , a.k.a. Bob Taylor or "Big Bob" Taylor, was a session drummer and rock 'n roll songwriter in Phoenix, Arizona. He played on lots of records of Duane Eddy & The Rebels between 1957 and 1962, recording at Floyd Ramsey's studio in Phoenix. Taylor also played drums on guitarist Al Casey's recordings for Stacy Records, and for many Lee Hazlewood sessions.

Buddy Wheeler was also a Phoenix musician, playing a bass and pedal steel guitar.

According to the book "Superstar in a Masquerade" describing a Leon Russel recording session from September 1963, Larry & Mike's "Queen Of The Starlight Dance" was released on Bonnie Guitar's Picadilly label and published by her Guitar Music. I find this very doubful
I don't know about the Picadilly ownership, but I'm sure that Guitar Music on Baby Jean's Picadilly release wasn't a publishing company owned by Bonnie Guitar, company more probably associated with Lee Hazelwood.

Baby Jean's four songs are available here.

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