Monday, November 7, 2016

The Little Puppet

Connie Caddell

The Little Puppet

Dee Moeller, Tree Pub. Co. BMI
Cuca J-1277
Girl group sound. This would be her only recording ?  Flip side, That's When , can be heard on YT
Both sides written by Dee Moeller.

Singer/songwriter Dee Moeller has penned more than 300 songs, including "Slow Moving Outlaw" recorded by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.  [Her picture can be found here]


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  1. I'm posting this because I haven't found any way to communicate directly with the guy who runs this site. I'm the author of 2 books on 50s-60s music from WI, so the Connie Caddell 45 on Cuca caught my eye. I spoke w/Dee Moeller in 2001 & she had no previous knowledge of this release. I've yet to find anything substantial on Caddell, but I do have a guess on a possible connection.