Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Power Of A Prayer

Teena Magin
and The Bystanders
The Power Of A Prayer
 Joe Lubin - Hal Roberts
Denn Mus. Co.
Demon FF-1502

Here you have the full Teena Magin discography, one song, just one song, on the new Demon Records, formed by Joe Greene, veteran songwriter and arranger, most recently with Liberty Records.
This is a Joe Lubin production from 1956 which was actually first issued on his own Debb Records.

The flip is credited to Ray Johnson and The Bystanders.

According to Bruce Eder:
Joe Lubin was one of the very few traditional songwriters to find a lucrative career in rock & roll, even as he continued to write for vocalists such as Doris Day. His career ran from the 1940s through the '70s, and into publishing as well as songwriting, across several genres, and also bridged two continents. He was born Joseph Lubinsky in London's East End, in the middle of a World War I air raid, and showed an interest in music and singing from an early age, which led him into songwriting. He joined the Royal Air Force after the outbreak of the Second World War, but an injury returned him to civilian life in 1941, and he spent most of the war as an air raid warden. One night during a bombing raid, he found himself on Denmark Street in London, a center of the music business, and met Noel Gay, the composer/publisher -- amid falling German bombs -- who signed him to a contract soon after. He saw some initial success with "I'm Sending My Blessings," recorded by Vera Lynn, and Anne Shelton's rendition of "Till Stars Forget to Shine" (both 1944). His 1948 composition, "The Shoemaker's Serenade," was recorded by a young Petula Clark as well as the Five Smith Brothers and the Radio Revellers.   ..more info...
But who is/was Teena Magin ?  Did she recorded just this song ?

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