Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Golden Pear

That's the only known picture of the young Tommy Rowe
(exclusively on Dead Wax!)
(yes, the day was foggy)

Here is an interesting teen rocker about which I can't find much information. It's from "Rebel Rockabilly Rock, Vol. 6" (LP compilation from 1994). The song was written, according to the back cover, by Sehorn [Marshall Sehorn?] and published by Selma Music.

The only information that I can find (in my computer files, not on the net) is that "The Golden Pear" was released on Tel Records, probably in 1959 or perhaps in early 1960.

Billboard (March 16, 1959) inform us of the formation of Tel Records :

Morty Craft, colorful disker, officially became a record company president this week, with signing of final papers establishing United Telefilm Records, Inc. The new Craft set-up aligns him with the Canadian firm, United Telefilms, Ltd., of Toronto, which owns 85 per cent of the stock of the new diskery with Craft holding the balance of 15 per cent. There will be two labels, Tel Records and Warwick Records.

For a Morty Craft biography, see Black Cat Rockabilly



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