Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Yaba Da Ba Do"

Andy and the Classics

The band began it's rock life as the Premiers in 1959. Performing at many local nightspots and high school and college concerts. The Premiers soon changed it's name to Andy and the Classics.

During the early 1960s the band frequently played before large audiences at DiCastro's in Sylvan Beach a club that during those days, was one of the "hottest" of local establishments.

The group comprised of Andy Cittadino (sax, vocals), Mike Carletta (guitar, vocals), Joe DePalma (drums, vocals) and Tim Maggiolino (bass, vocals).

Source : Stephen Roberts



  1. Mr. Manicotti (Canada) LP 328 The Big Itch Vol 1 Bird & Turd has this titled as "WILMA" wrongly thanks for clearing up another LP Note error

  2. Thanks for this! Best Flintstones reference, though, is still George Jones' "The King Is Gone" :-)

    How is the flip of this 7"?