Sunday, March 24, 2013


The K-Otics

(Bobby Grant, Sea-Cap Music BMI)

Sea-Cap Records

Label picture from popsike : copy signed by band members : Ray Goss,  Marvin Taylor,  Kim Venable,  Ed Sanford,  Bob Brown.   From Alabama.   Songwriting erroneously credited to Bobby Grant.  Second release of the song by the K-Otics on Rick has the correct credit.

Manuel "Manny" Chavez and Sonny Chaney played since 1955 in the Los Angeles Chicano and R & B band The Jaguars and heard a very young Robert Rodriguez, who sang it to his 12-year-old neighbor Sharleena Romero.   The Jaguars tried for about a year without success, to interest a record company.    Only Cliff Goldsmith , manager of the Sevilles, recognized the potential of the piece and scheduled a session in the end of 1960 in a Hollywood studio. The record was issued on JC Records.
For a list of the various bands who covered "Charlena", see Wkipedia HERE (translated from German).

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  1. Great song by the K-Otics, thank you for posting.
    If you have the flip side, can you please post that ?