Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mama Loochie

The Knight Kaps

Label :  Ricky 211


A cover of the Lee Diamond song.    For another version sung by Dennis Smith,  see Mama Loochie

The Knight Kaps, popular local band, gained a claim to fame when they were featured for 24 successive weeks during the Twist rage at the Holiday House in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

Following the Holiday House run, the Knight Kaps joined Canonsburg's Four Coins for two weeks at the Thunderbird in Las Vegas and then returned home for a successful stay at the Peppermint Lounge West in Brentwood.

The Knight Kaps, who also performed at the Trocadero Motor Lodge, the VFW in Charleroi and Patti's in Monongahela,  included Johnny Savo, Joe Kennedy, Jimmy Magnetta, Glenn Brady and Jim Merchant.

Jimmy Magnetta and John Savo
Tri-State Area's most Exciting and Dynamic Duo
still performing in 1972

This is the first issue on the Ricky label.   Tim Tormey,  Pittsburgh record distributor, concert promoter, manager and booking agent, established the label in early 1962.  Few singles were issued (Johnny Jack, Cecil Barber...).  

The label also issued a series of  Pittsburgh  "oldies favorites" — as soon as 1962 ! — albums titled Porky Chedwick presents His All Time Favorite Dusty Discs.

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